Keeping your Goblins Safe at Halloween

Halloween celebration


It’s the time of the year for little princesses, Superheroes, and our favorite Star Wars characters to be roaming our neighborhoods in a hunt for as many sweets as can possibly be carried by one person.  While Halloween is an exciting and fun night for our little goblins, it also brings hazards that should not be overlooked.  We have put together some tips to help ensure your Halloween is filled with treats and not problems.

Costumes:  Keeping our kids safe on Halloween should start with their costumes.  It is important to keep in mind that not only are they going to look adorable or fierce, they are also going to be quite active.  It is no easy feat to hit their goal of 200 houses per hour to make sure the pillowcase comes home stuffed.  This is where costume length and accessories become relevant.  Unfortunately, it takes just one fall to ruin an entire evening of fun. Keep the costume length well off the ground and if Cinderella’s dress must go below the knees, be sure to allow enough room for their legs to stretch.  Avoiding restrictive masks can also be helpful. Accessories such as swords, knives, and wands should always be short and soft or flexible.  And let’s not forget comfortable shoes!  While high heels or cowboy boots may be cute, they are not functional for the evening’s task at hand.

It also is imperative that Wonder Woman and Spiderman can be seen by drivers as they are on their quest to rid your neighborhood of all Reese’s Pieces.  Flashlights with a wrist band, reflective tape and glow sticks are good ways to make your child visible.  Stress the importance of staying on the sidewalk and crossing the street only when necessary. Crosswalks tend to be illuminated brighter than other parts of a road and usually include stop signs or other signage to draw a driver’s attention.

Route:  Plan an attack route with an estimated timeline before heading out. Including your children in this step helps make the evening more of a family affair.  Them having a say in the planning may prevent arguments between siblings (or with you) on which direction to go.  If your little creatures are so old that being seen with you in public will cause a cosmic explosion of some type, establish a communication chain with friends in the neighborhood.  A quick text when your children have appeared on each other’s doorstep effectively creates a checkpoint without your child’s knowledge or the rolling of the eyes that would certainly follow if they learned of your sly antics.  This will also allow you to track their progress within the planned route.

The Loot:  Be sure to inspect all of their well-earned treats before allowing a tasty reward.  Besides food allergies and prevention of hyperglycemia from an unsupervised candy binge, it is important to check for any signs of tampering.  Things to look for are torn wrappers, pieces that have opened at one end and pin holes.  It is also recommended that homemade treats be avoided at all times unless they came directly from someone you know well. A good rule of thumb: If there is any doubt, toss it out.

There is no doubt that Halloween can be a great time for the kids and parents.  Who doesn’t have some type of fond memory from their past Trick or Treating?  And some of us may also have an unpleasant memory or two that we wish we could forget but are often reminded of at family gatherings.  Following these tips will help keep the evening a fun and enjoyable event.  And a tasty one at that!

When the candles have burned out and the candy comas have subsided, consider donating your leftover candy (we hear there really is such a thing, but we’re not convinced!) to Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops Program.  They’ll ship your donated candy to deployed service members anywhere around the world or distribute to veterans in VA Hospitals across the country.  You can visit to find a drop off location near you, or you can email for a location to ship your candy.

Be safe and Happy Halloween from all your friends at Paramount!